stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please


Plastic Bag Landscapes by Vilde Rolfsen


bisexual and pansexual people are actually made of stardust and flames and are immortal pass it on


Josef Arpád Koppay”Another Victory for the Forces of Darkness,” 1894


Josef Arpád Koppay
Another Victory for the Forces of Darkness,” 1894

  • When did you join Tumblr?: May 2011
  • Why did you join Tumblr?: My friend Anastasia told me how awesome it was and I was tired of Blogger
  • What kind of blog do you have?: personal
  • How many posts do you have?: 8,869
  • How many likes do you have?: 1,912
  • How many messages do you have?: Erm like 176? I’m so bad at replying to messages sometimes.
  • How many blogs do you follow?: 184
  • How many followers do you have?: 327
  • How often do you change your theme?: every few months
  • How often do you change your icon?:  when I get tired of it
  • List all the urls you’ve ever had:  oh shit i’ve had so many. i think i had thedystopiancitizen for a long time, and then bounced around and landed on chatfish
  • Do you track any tags?:  my url tag
  • Do you have any favourite blogs?: yeah, but only because i talk to the people that run them and they’re cool as heck.
  • Do you often hit post limit?: lol never
  • Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?:  yeah, i send nice anons sometimes because it makes people happy.
  • Do you ever get anon hate?: i get some scathing anons sometimes but not outright hate
  • Have you made any friends on Tumblr?: i met my little on tumblr before she joined the sorority!! <3 
  • What’s the most notes you’ve ever had on a post?: it’s that fucking hobby lobby post that has 14,645 notes and it’s still getting notes i made it a month ago let it stop.
  • What’s your favourite thing about Tumblr?: it’s a good way to find out about new shows/movies/media that look interesting and find communities of people who have common interests with you. 
  • What’s your least favourite thing about Tumblr?: the hate that goes around.

the manuscripts of the masters: 20th century writers 

jean-louis lebris de kerouac
francis scott key fitzgerald
ernest miller hemingway
john ronald reule tolkien 
john ernst steinbeck, jr


[rips off shirt] i love AUs so much





If the open sign is not on, we are not open.
We are all adults why is this such a hard concept to grasp.


Hen & Chicks

This also known as a “Purple Beauty” has appropriately, dark purple leaves tinged with green centres depending on how much sun it gets. These guys are extremely easy to propagate - I’ve already pulled out a lot of “chicks” because this was getting so incredibly crowded.



Theo Gosselin

Title: La vie en Rose

Artist: Edith Piaf

Played: 23823 times


I like a lot of french music but damn, I adore Edith Piaf. Her and Ella fitzgerald are absolutely number one when it comes to female vocals.

I’m having such a roadblock moment with my thesis because I have ideas but no like concrete train of thought (nyoom) and most other English people I talk to knew exactly what they were going to be researching when they started and I just feel like I’m not doing this right.